Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Went out with Feciliaaaaaaa
(the uncle from the yogurt shop said I had a dancer face :)) (I'm still thinking about joining dance in uni but then again maybe not.... IDK) 

HEHEHEHE phone cover from my bro 

I owe these two girls my life. (they can each take half of my life then I won't have to study anymore:)))

Even though I was pretty much still alone but I think I was pretty happy. 

Met Beryl again to go Queenstown.

 Preparing for funfair wasn't all that fun. LOL there were a couple of things that I got really pissed about but I really didn't even have the time to bother about my emotions and just had to stay focused and get things done (cause screw the assholes, I had to 'organize' the class and get shyt done before the big day) By the end of some days I was just dead tired and I just had that stone face on. 

 Glad to see my pretty girl though :))

My birthday present part2:P 

 Went to get my shoes with Fecilia:)) 

One fine day, I found Louis on Instagram and this happened. HAHAHAHA 
(why that photo from 111weeks ago though ._. I had an extremely ambarrassing past....) 

And that marks the end of any fun, joy or laughter in school. I was really angsty and vulgar (still am) and yep I stayed up till 3.39am to get some group work done cause nobody wanted to do them :)) 
And yep JC life is basically all about all nighters and trying to stay awake during lectures.

and then that was when Fiona got hospitalized and I freaked out pretty badly.

But through all the shyt, my mama is still the most loving one:)) 

Guys, my race is EURASIAN. HAHAHAHA I was ultra happy about that cause like for the first time ever I'm not Asian??? But it was just a harmless mistake anyways bleh 

 First time at Yongyul's church :)) 

 The usual Cheewee doing the silly things he always do HAHAHAHA

Random trug team photo 

 Cutie cat near church 

 My bro went to Taiwan without me yet again :') 

He bought me a bag though Hehs 

 Trug photo day 

 Met Fecilia for a short while:)) 

 Class photo day :P 

Back then when I went to NP almost every week??? HAHAHA I tried milo from all around NP 

 The day I sprain my ankle playing captain's ball :-')

Candies from my most loving mama <3 p="">

 Trug mate who went overseas to study :'( 

 Back then when xiaoliang's hair was damn nice 

 The group of people who got kicked out of econs class HAHAHAHAH 

 Got sunburnt after watching frisbee match?? 

Went for famine camp during June holidays(?) It was pretty hardcore and I didn't get much sleep and kinda screwed up the trug game the next day LOL I freaking drop ball without even knowing wtf maybe I just don't have the sport genes but it's over anyways sigh 
Famine camp was still quite a good experience and NTU touch was quite enjoyable I guess


Went for one beach training and it was fun but freaking tiring. My legs hurt like crazy and my ankle was still injured (it never really healed anyways LOL) The rest of the June holidays was pretty empty I think. I can't remember doing anything. I propably tried to study but failed in every way possible and at some point of time I let Adam back into my life and let him screw up my life again. Zzz 
Maybe I have a soft spot for him. Maybe I will always have a soft spot for him but that also mean that I'm never going to let myself go near him ever again. Having a soft spot for a person like him is not a very healthy sign and I need to stop myself from doing anything that I'll regret. 

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