Thursday, November 26, 2015

Still tired 24/7 and I can get so tired sometimes I dont even want to be outside.

Still had some drinking habits but all is good :)) 

When Pw was offcially over, I nearly died of joy :')  

We didn't planned to do anything in particular to celebrate but we ended up eating together and somehow went to Daryl's house and somehow had a impromptu stayover. (these kids are cray I swear)

Then came the really dreadful extended curriculum. It was a daily struggle to make it to lecture on time and since nobody really cared about punctuality, the late coming was pretty bad. But because I didn't check the lecture timing clearly, I was early for a couple of lectures hehs (I was early by like hald an hour or so ._.) 

And as usual there's training which I didn't really get to attend much cause my ankle really started to hurt and I was afraid that I might die from that so I got mc

Ate with Beryl after seeing the doc:))

Tried some healthy shyt

And did some really retarded things (during lecture) as well (HAHAHAHA LOL WE ARE SO LAME)

As can be seen from the picture, extra curriculum is really a pain in the ass and it is just shyt.
Then came the burger party (I didn't take any photo of the burgers LOL) But it was fun. 
(I can't wait for camp alr HOHOHO)

Paid the consequence of eating that icecream:')

And that was a much happier me not long ago hehs.

Then came the day when I got chased out of house cause I've stayed at home for too many days in a row. So I took a long bus ride to Jurong East and being the nerd ( +retard) I was, I went to the library. 

I have never sat at those seats in front of the big full length windows before so I decided why not right HAHAHAHA 

 Then the rain came pouring and the view was pretty cool.

I spent a few hours reading a chinese manga on the artist's cats. (It was quite engaging and it was funny...I kinda smiled to myself a few times ._.)

I'm so sorry for whoever that's ever gonna be reading this (including myself) cause alignment shyt is really getting onto my nerves but I really can't do much about it so yeah. sorz i tried.

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