Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I keep wondering if there is something wrong with my life and whether I could do something to change it. But I realize that somethings have been happening the past few years and nothing has been done and then everything becomes a norm. 

I guess it's true that one person's family do have a large impact on his well-being. 

I  mean you may not be comfortable with your friends but you are definitely going to be comfortable with your family right? 

I have always been drifting in and out of that self-pity state due to the lack of family-oriented activities and I have always been extemely jealous or envious of those who are close to their families. 

"The lack of a father's love doesn't necessarily cause depression, but it can. 

Love to humans is like water to plants. An un-watered plant can hang onto life, but it won't thrive. That withering is sadness, grief and possibly clinical depression." 

But I'm still glad that I hang onto the people whom I can count on.

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