Friday, March 21, 2014

March holiday week

All the vice chairmen (also the NE champs) for every class had to go for this NE trip to pasar panjang...? I think thats the name of the place. (i'm not that sure)

 It was raining really heavily that day and it was pretty crappy since all our shoes were wet and not very comfy. I mean....FREAKING GROSS. but thank God, for the other 3 sec4s who went. They kept me entertained (^ ^)
the view is actually pretty amazing up at this mountain/hill idk what they call it but yeahhh

AND there's day camp for choirrr(lasted 2 days)  on wednesday, we had our trust walk^^ basically walking around blindfolded with the guide of your friends
 AND sadly, both beryl and I got "kidnapped". It's like a tradition for "kidnap"to be played during choir camps. HAHAHAHAHA and it's the first time for both of us to be kidnapped. HAHAHAHAHA

 I can't do devil smiles....I find people who can do devil smile soooooo sexyyyyy
 HEHEHEHE my kidnapper. honestly thankful that he guided me while I was blindfolded(to think about it it was quite scary. walking around unable to see)

 HEHEHE and then thursdayyy, went to watch the wind rises with beryl (forgot to selfie tgt) It was a amazingggggggg movie that made me teared up quite badly and just kind of the bitter sweet feeling . And it's just super sad to know that Hayao Miyazaki(the director) is retiring alrrr. Sighhhh He is so so so amazing....:(

 P.S beryl and i spent $12 each on snacks. SNACKS. yeahh haha. 

 pretty macaronis to end off. KTHXBAIIII

Saturday, March 15, 2014

a little update...

Alright, its been a while since i updates on what did some of things I'm gonna show u...were done like weeks ago so yeahh. Lets start. With a ugly tub of extremely ugly and fattening raspberry icecreammm:9

 Followed by a goodmorning cup. its actually super biggg.
 my cereal I got from beryl on valentine. HAHAHA honeystars with moon^^
 the panda choc Siqi bought last year from China(the last pic before I ate it)

The batman toy that came along with the cereal ( he looks kinda fierce yeahh?) 

Unhealthy food that I finished all by myself....

 All the books, sketchbooks, notebooks and stickers were bought at a book fair...hmmmm many many weeks ago. (cant rmb whenn)


 Stuff I stole from beryl's housee

 My mama gave these 2 to me on some random night a while ago. (random act of love^^)

 lunch@saladstop....3weeks ago.....

our first time eating garrett's popcornnnn:999 (in love)
Some cool dude's notebook hahaha

I got back my phone weeks ago tooo...I cant rmb whenn._.

This beautiful drink is called sakura honey tea or something. It is hell damn beautiful but it only taste good when I ate like a teaspoon of wasabi with my sushi._.

I look dumb here but heyyy I'm just playing with the "game" to past time

BOUGHT YESTERDAYYYY^^ (pampered myselff) 

Watched nonstop after soooo long. I want to watch mr peabody and shermannn too:( da cup i got yesterdayy-->

Bought gummies too. cause ever since minitoons closed in the neighborhood malls, I never got to visit it again....(cant even rmb the last time I went minitoons....)
beautiful cake beryl bought long time agoo

All the food that beryl eat and take photo and send me....I really want starbucks noww....D;

I want the beddd TT^TT

Recess mates^^
Sent by beryl(as usual) she wants a cat

somebody sent me this. cant rmb who. mehhh

and good looking heartshaped biscuits
And thats it. BUHBYEEEE