Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lots of random stuff and blah blah blah

 HEHEHE starting off with a lot a lot of cutiepies in this postsssss(^ ^)
HAHA i love how this dog look guilty 


           pandas and leopards are part of the cats family so i guess they are cats too yeahhh?


And otherssss:))

I love animals. I love how cute they look in clothing and stuff but at times i do feel that they do not need to be "wearing clothes" or specially groomed a specific way to impress human beings and its kind of sad seeing how these animals have no say to their own body. I will always love them in their natural state thoughh. meow. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here but yeahh..


Miley cyrus when she was youngg( ULTRA CUTE PLEASE)
Recently there's has been a lot of discussion on her. Yes she may have changed but she is still herself. I still think she is beautiful and I love how she is so daring to do what she want despite many nasty comments thats online and she probably have seen too.

I really like what Lady Gaga said here. Like everybody has the choice to do what they want. and if you don't like it just move on, there is no reason for you to dwell on it, act as though it's your problem. I really can't stand it when people complain and say nasty things online. It's really hurting and heyy, nobody's gonna appreciate you fr spreading negativity. I like how all these celebrities are not concerned about what people may say about them and I absolutely admire them for doing so.

Angel face Zac Efron  *v* 

 Another inspiration of mine, Demi Lovato, she's young and she's been through a lot, self-abuse, rehab, bullying, fame and she is strong enough to stand in front of the crowd to tell youngsters to stop self abusing, to stop bullying, she stand in front of cameras telling people to stop starving themselves and never to self harm. That is powerful and it takes courage for her to do so.

 Ultra pretty Ms Universe from India. *u*

David  Beckham(hottest father on earth pleaseee)

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Avril Lavigne(^^)

Jiyeonnnnn(i find her really prettyyyyy) 

Bubzbeautyyyy. I have been watching her since I was 10 or somethingggg. So happy that she's pregnant... I mean.. So happy for herr hahahah ^^

Really admire his mindset. <3 br="">
And now random wordy pics I found in my phone:
 This is a pic I wish to comment on, there are many people out there who complain about not getting what they want. But have they worked hard for it? And if yes, have they worked hard enough for it? If the answer is still yes, then what makes you think that they deserve whatever they want when millions or even billions of other people are working just as hard(maybe even for a longer period of time)? I always believe that one will receive what one deserve to receive. There's must be a reason behind why you are not getting something. Doesn't mean that you don't see it now, it don't exist.
my motivation to exerciseee

 And this intelligent lady here, I don't know who she is but I find her really pretty and smart. Intelligent is the word. I like how she is able to use what she has to show off the best that she have. I honestly don't think she is fake. I find that she has many admirable traits and that she is really good-looking. And yepp. Makeup is a powerful weapon.

This is really cute too ^ ^

 This is funnyyyyy:D

 Another thing is we are really really fortunate, to the extend that we never see how people in other places are suffering and may feel the lives that we are living are full of luxury. It is so important for us to appreciate what we have and just  be contented.


 Back to the first few weeks of schhh

 And last year's mid autumn festival performance(idk why it's in my phone but yeahh..) HAHAHA


And a little storyyy

 Being absolutely random--->I miss spirited away:( the bitter sweet feeling:(( haishh

 Ending off with a super glam photo of myselffff:))) Have a nice dayyy:)

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