Saturday, March 15, 2014

a little update...

Alright, its been a while since i updates on what did some of things I'm gonna show u...were done like weeks ago so yeahh. Lets start. With a ugly tub of extremely ugly and fattening raspberry icecreammm:9

 Followed by a goodmorning cup. its actually super biggg.
 my cereal I got from beryl on valentine. HAHAHA honeystars with moon^^
 the panda choc Siqi bought last year from China(the last pic before I ate it)

The batman toy that came along with the cereal ( he looks kinda fierce yeahh?) 

Unhealthy food that I finished all by myself....

 All the books, sketchbooks, notebooks and stickers were bought at a book fair...hmmmm many many weeks ago. (cant rmb whenn)


 Stuff I stole from beryl's housee

 My mama gave these 2 to me on some random night a while ago. (random act of love^^)

 lunch@saladstop....3weeks ago.....

our first time eating garrett's popcornnnn:999 (in love)
Some cool dude's notebook hahaha

I got back my phone weeks ago tooo...I cant rmb whenn._.

This beautiful drink is called sakura honey tea or something. It is hell damn beautiful but it only taste good when I ate like a teaspoon of wasabi with my sushi._.

I look dumb here but heyyy I'm just playing with the "game" to past time

BOUGHT YESTERDAYYYY^^ (pampered myselff) 

Watched nonstop after soooo long. I want to watch mr peabody and shermannn too:( da cup i got yesterdayy-->

Bought gummies too. cause ever since minitoons closed in the neighborhood malls, I never got to visit it again....(cant even rmb the last time I went minitoons....)
beautiful cake beryl bought long time agoo

All the food that beryl eat and take photo and send me....I really want starbucks noww....D;

I want the beddd TT^TT

Recess mates^^
Sent by beryl(as usual) she wants a cat

somebody sent me this. cant rmb who. mehhh

and good looking heartshaped biscuits
And thats it. BUHBYEEEE

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