Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I realize i barely talked about what happened this whole year. So I guess I should type down some positivity before I forget how it feels like. 

So.. since prom happened, it got a job at westmall (probably one of the worst decisions of my life) and was just working like a dog for about 2months??? (zzz what a waste of my life) 

I literally had no life other than those times when I saw Beryl or hung out with my Red camp friends...     ._. 

Its such a shame that I got caught up with a crappy job that I only got the time to look back at these amazing people almost one year after the actual event. 

I have to say they are probably the friendliest and nicest I have ever met but sadly, we never really got the chance to become closer. (But still it was a pleasure to meet all of them -much love-) 

I even got cookies from sakhawi ( I'm extremely grateful (^-^) ) 

And then there was band concert in school which was just really weird cause no the school parade square is totally not suited for any performances

One of my fav juniors who decided to move to Australia (sigh) 

HUEHUE I think back then I was really really desperate to have some life and I mean I was torn from my previous relationship so I got attached to a dude that I thought I liked. (HAHAHAHA it's actually quite funny to think back about it but also quite disgusting to think that I was attached to a human that I'm not really into LOL -.- what happens when you're desperate )

To love or to be loved. I have always felt that choosing someone who loves you rather than choosing the one that you love is like taking the easy way out. And I guess it is somewhat true because the feeling just don't last. I don't know but I'm certain that that last relationship was me taking the easy way out and it shouldn't have even started to begin with.

One thing I got to be really thankful for is definitely how close I am to my mum and how she always throws me random chocolates and candies. (miss having long nails too cause ain't nobody's dare to  have long nails when you play touch rugby man (if your nails chip off somehow during training or something you'll freaking cry yoz)) 

(this was after like less than a week of working:)))

Anyways it definitely felt good to have money to spend 
Anyways work got me pretty crazy and my skin was evidently horrible during that period of time zzz 
(even my mum said my skin was craybad haish) 

And when I did had off days I didnt know what to do because I kinda cut out all contacts with the outside world and I didn't have much people whom I could hand out with so yeah it was really just a very dark period of my life :)

kinda glad that I took a lot of photos of the skies when I still lived in teck whye cause tbh I really miss that view and the familiarity 

Anyways I realize I got a number of drinks from the people at my workplace cause I looked decent I guess HAHAHAHA LOL 

 And then that was the last time I wore kss uniform (sigh I miss my long hair too) 

My result weren't as good as I wished it would be but it wasn't as bad I would have expected it to be so I was feeling pretty emotionless. 

It was just weird cause it was supposed to be something really important but I was just really calm. 

then one fine day I decided to meet Fecilia for breakfast before work. (I think my face was beter back then sigh) 

was this mushroom soup from somewhere with Beryl? Or did she go eat and take pic and send me?? Idek zzz meh 

 But I remember trying Godiva for the first time with Beryl :) 

That was the time when I spent $30+ on my hair LOL I wouldn't say it was really worth it but I spent it anyways 

It was one of those mornings when my mum sent me to work. 

Back then I was reading this book "Don't touch" 
Actually I was read quite a number of books during that holidays #xiaoproud

Then came the last few days of work and I went for supper with my nice colleagues.
Thinking back, I'm just so glad I went for the supper. 

The first day of matriculation was in the midst of my working days LOL ( I wanted to pon sch but I didn't) Thank God I didn't cause who will be with Huilong if I actually skipped sch that day??:( 
Met some really nice people whom I was able to depend on throughout the year (THANK GOD)

Being the hyperactive kid I was, I made quite a first impression for my MGLs and they visited HAHAHAHAHA (they are nice people :)) 

And that marked the end of my working days at that dreadful yet memorable place. HAHHAHA

(Didn't expect to get so much chocolate)

 The night before Fecilia's birthday. I remember being really tired after going for dinner and movie(..?) LOL bleh 

It was supposed to form a circle but NOPE didn't happen ._.

Then it was another week of screaming and running around college.

 Tbh I really like my MG and was extremely upset to find out that there weren't any kranjians in my new class:( 

Even though there weren't kranjians in my class, there was Zhenhuang as my OGL. 
HAHAHAHA God bless that poor soul cause I really took advantage of those few days and disturbed the hell out of him. (But truth is I'm really grateful that he was my OGL) 

Yunliang was like the first human being I know in this class. (I miss those days when we were closer) 

Freaking love Pris because she is really one of the nicest. HAHAHA (First day of matriculation and she was the one who lent me hairtie, hair band, portable charger and idk what. She was also the one to give me one of her skirts cause this year's skirt was changed and it kinda look uglier. Meh but she too damn skinny and I can't quite fit into her skirt so yah ._. sigh) 

Initially I was really worried that Huilong would feel awkward in his new class but seriously since when does Huilong even need worrying?? (He's like the xiaopopz in class and in sch come on. And he has got an amazing OGL Samuel Ng. This guy was from my primary sch and has always been so handsome :')) #teckwhyepride )

 Another primary school pride will have to be this beauty. President of the student council, Natasha. Absolutely gorgeous and smart :') #whatamidoingwithmylife

 The only photo with Nolgene when his hair was damn nice. 

Freaking love this curly as well cause he is one of those who would come up to me during orientation when I am with my class to take photo with me. (the whole class would stare because none of them know him but yeah I freaking love talking to this one and I really miss those random late night convos and how I can dont give a shyt and just spam him) 

Can't remember when was it that I met up with Fecilia and Beryl but they are definitely blessings to  my life. 

Then there was Chinese New Year which I didn't do much cause no relatives in Singapore so yah._. 

Really miss these people

And then there was my first day at training and the mac a day after my training.

Met up with this group one day and I have to say I really miss them and I really love them a lot. (and I gotta say that I really love Zhanyang a lot for the totoro from Korea TT^TT (I'm touched)) 

Oh my goodness. this is not even the middle of the year yet... Indeed a lot has happened this year... 

Really didn't like my sch back then (still don't like my sch but yeah) and I kept hanging onto Fecilia every now and then. 

The very rare few trug team photos that I appear on :)

Kind Zhenhuang lent me his Nobel shirt cause I didnt have enough sch based tshirts. 
I really miss talking to him. We used to talk for hours about nothing in particular and it's just such a shame that we are of different cohort and he has to deal with A's this year. I hope everything will be fine with him even as we go our separate ways. 

Then there was that day when I remove my braces. I remember I was really unhappy and tired and just really upset. There was training and I fell and some shyt happen and my lips tore and ulcers appeared and my lower lips were swollen bla bla bla. It was just a really bad day I guess. Even though it was the day I've been waiting for for like more than 2 years? (or was it 1 and a half year? idk) But I was just not in the mood. 

But I got happier eventually. 

 I read Beryl's blog so I remembered that on the day of CJC carnival, I had dental appointment and I was extremely late cause my dentist was slow as heck and there was traffic and all that stuff. But it wasn't too bad I guess?? 

Went off to walk around after the carnval and ended up only going home at night :) 

One of the lunch that I had with Fiona and Gladys. ( I don't even remember if there was other times when we  even eaten together outside of school o.O ) 

My mama went on a business at the beginning of the year and brought back food :') 
I remember being really upset when she was away and even broke down cause I was really stressed up and I missed her a lot. I remember telling Zhenhuang how upset I was and it was really bad. Sigh those days of negativity :( 

Cute cat that I talked to cause Jc made me crazy:) 

I miss those days when we were closer

 went to meet Beryl after training and queued for really long to just pay our respect to Mr Lee 
(probably shouldn't have been smiling and taking pic while waiting but meh) 
I remember how there were adults saying that it was good to see us young people there cause they didn't expect people like us to bother queuing (which was somewhat nice I guess? I mean we kinda restored some faith in this generation right? But that also make me realize how often strangers like to talk to me ._. Do I look very approachable or something??) 

Some days later we went out together again.

I wonder what I would be doing without Beryl. LOL I mean really abot 60% of the time I spend outside is with a world without Beryl would be really strange and weird.

VIA at marina barrage? marina bay? gardens by the bay? Idk meh 

saw Ms Lai ^-^

I also realize on that day that I'm actually really short....:) 
Anyways it was a good experience and the people from the other schools were really nice too. 

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