Thursday, November 26, 2015

After two super long blog posts and skipping a lot of the not so significant details of details, I've still not come to the point when I can introduce my new crush but nopeeeee I won't skip to the juicy part just yet.

I left off the last blog post at around june holidays when I went for training and tried to study but failed in so many ways (and as expected my results were like crap) 
Then this pic was taken on july 5th (I checked my camera roll for the date) 
(This is the only picture from that day that I could import into my comp sigh facing so much problem with importing all the stuff from my phone now zzz) 
Anyways that day was pretty fun. Went to City Harvest Church in the morning and joined Yongyul's Church for JDOP. :)) 

Then there were the usual hanging out with Beryl and a few more of random meetups I believe and then Racial Harmony Day celebration in school.

Okay great I just miss the part when I first found out special boi's name.

Anyways it was 20th July when I found out this kid's name hehehehehehehehehe.

He is Nolgene's friend. Erm. My memories are very fragmented and all I remember was doing retarded things during the preparation for funfair and he was there I think...... ._. 

(by retarded things I mean wearing cat hairband and walking around school making random animal sounds aka cat meowing sound or like just weird animal liked sounds ._.) 

I remember being super embarrassed cause my hands were full and I was walking back to class with Gladys and Fiona and then they put the hairband on me and since my hands were full I couldn't do anything about it. Then there was Nolgene and clique sitting around and Nolgene was holding a camera and I thought he took pic of me so I was super embarrassed and said some really stupid things (I always say stupid things so what's new? LOL) And that's that. 
If he was there, I think I made a pretty bad first impression. (I think I looked like a retarded faggot zzz)

Then there was one fine day when my class had a short break before lesson and we were in the canteen eating waffles and just chilling. 

I think that was the day when I accidentally made eye contact with him.
I was feeling really awkward cause I kinda know him (cause he's my friend's friend) but then again I don't know him personally. So being the awkward penguin I am, I smiled at him, as an attempt to make the situation less awkward (as though it would make things any better LOL) 

Yah it was one hell of a weird situation. BUT he smiled back anyways. Hehs. 

Idk how else to describe that feeling but this tweet really says it all. 
I swear that was one of the highlights of my whole year. :))))))))))))))) 

Even though we smiled to each other whenever we saw each other, I didn't know his name. 
So another fine day when I was talking to Nolgene, I suddenly thought about him and ask Nolgene for his name heheheheheheheheh yay 

So there was this very nice period of time when we enjoyed the nice stranger smiling moments and then i ruined it all hehs (I always ruin the precious moments) 

People who know me will probably know that I'm just one crazy bitch. 
And yep I am crazy as heck. 
Sigh if only I was more normal... 
Anyways what I did was let my whole class know about this special boy (sigh I'm an idiot)

And somehow I jokingly asked a classmate in the class group for the special boi's number and shyt got realz ._. (sigh qingyan being qingyan zzz) 

So yep I got his number but didn't msg him. 
But it's dangerous to have his number in my phone... And good friends being good friends used my phone to msg him.  Yay. Accomplishment unlocked. 👏🏻
We talked a little and the rest is just boring. Meh. There's nothing that's interesting or worth talking about so yah. 

I began to drink quite frequently. 
Initially it was out of curiosity and for fun. Then life just got really stressful and I just turn to alcohol every now and then. (But I wasn't really drinking excessively so it was cool. And it helps me sleep anyways so it's all under control yoz👍🏻) 

Then there were the better days when my teacher brought her cat to school during national day celebration and all was kinda fun but also kinda boring cause my life is just boring. Mehz.

Nonetheless I still got to admit that I'm a freaking lucky kid to have friends around and there were some good times that I have to be grateful for. 

I had my fair share of fun joy and laughter. 
This year I tried emceeing the first time (it was pretty screwed up but still a pretty good experience anyways) 

Still love honey stars even though they don't sell it with moons anymore (they are selling galaxies LOL I sound like a fan of honey stars but really I just have sweet tooth)
Still meet up with beryl every now and then. 
Still am tired 24/7 of the time. 🌞

Talked to him for the very first time and it was nerve wrecking😊
Still talked to Zhenhuang whenever we got the chance to and he's just as lovable as ever sigh such a good bro

Then teachers day. It was a unexpectedly fun day cause we played captains ball after the extra math lesson we had and went for lunch. (With a lot of not so pleasant surprises here and there) and caught inside out together. Still can't believed how I cried for a cartoon😑😐☹️

I remember staying up till 2am to play haxball with these few ppl HAHAHAH pretty crazy and screwed up considering exams were nearing but it was undoubtedly fun. 

Still hung around church 
And started studying in NUS 
(My skin was really bad at that point of time and it only got worse and that lasted till the end of promos 😪😪) 

Finally tried a drink from flock cafe (really overpriced but pretty good) 

Time was running out and promos was nearing. I remember putting on this temporary tattoo to remind myself that there's not much time left. 
It was my chance to fight for a place in this school and I had to promote cause of my pride and also it's the only to keep seeing my special boi... As silly as it sound, I really wanted to promote and even blocked myself out from social media and tried to study (with limited success) 

It was really tough and devastating since I wasn't exactly that attentive kid in class. (The picture is not even relevant at all. It's just a pic that I look pretty good in LOL) 
Anyways I survived it anyways and the feeling was damn good. Okay maybe not exactly damn good cause I remember how I really thought I was going to fail my math and die or something but after I got over math, I just went out and tried to enjoyed as much as possible. 

I did try to go out as much as possible and watched a couple of movies and talked to pretty boi. Then beryl went to batam and it marked the start of my mini hell..PW 

It probably don't seem that bad with all the pictures and stuff but trust me, it was one of the worst times of my life. But thank God for friends and silly people and pretty boi's friend who stalked me and accidentally liked my Instagram photo 😂 (without them I would have gone on a massacre) 

Met up with Beryl after she came back and then I fell sick. 
Had fever and that was really crappy. 
I guessed I really overworked myself during that PW intensive period and I nearly died. 
I remember it was a Thursday and I fell asleep on the table while working on some photoshop for PW (I don't usually take naps and neither do I sleep on tables so I remember pretty clearly and I remember telling special boi so yah) 
Then when I woke up. YAY major headache and I was just not feeling very comfortable. Then fever hit me like a bitch. 

I would say it was painful but "it was awful tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it"

Maybe it was a reminder for me to take a break. 
On the side note, sleeping for like 20 hours a day wasn't bad at all.😊

Also, thank God for Beryl cause she sent me these cat photos just as I was feeling extremely upset for not being able to go out and play. The pictures really cracked me up. 😂

Met up with Beryl a few more times and stole her shirt (it's still with me up till today 😂) 

This was like the peak of our sibling-hood?? LOL before we started having arguments and a lot of disagreements and before the lack of communication. 

Anyways after I recovered I started staying up a lot for PW again. 3am the first day and then 4am the next. It was really bad and really sickening but I am glad for those who were there to support me and keep me going.

And as always, regardless of how tough the battle, I always survive through it and I have say, it was pretty satisfying to be finally done this PW 💩

There were some good days after all the stress was lifted but there were also bad days when photos were not taken. 

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