Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So...Just like last year, we had our little countdown party at Marcus' house. (We nearly couldn't have this party so it's kinda precious..? yeahh..)
With Zoe
With Sherman
  My face is ultra red cause I drank like the most..(Just breezer but still too much still makes u go a little craycray) forgot to get a pic of the drinks though..
We had some fun playing "Murderer" and while we were getting while we were getting ready to watch a horror movie (which turn out to be not that scary)
Epic things happen:P

We call this a snail.(happens when zhanyang was just minding his own business, crawling around and tada a shell which is leiming fall on him and SNAIL)
Tired zhanyang is tired

He just cut his hair and he was refusing to take photo with me cause he said he was ugly xD

Rare few pics with Weiherng
Squeezing into 1 sofa
                                                             With Benitooo( ^ ^)
He is not actually tired and sleeping. Notice how bright this pic looks? It just cause I forgot to turn off the flash and he is hiding away from it. HAHA oops
Young Marcus

After watching the movie, we turn on the tv for the countdown..Kinda stupid cause we weren't high anymore and there were only like 7 of us left by that time and we went "oh new year. okay." Really just kind of emotionless? (lacking vocab is badd)
Eventually we decided we should play monopoly (which turns out to be a 2hours game._.) That was my first time playing after like maybe years?._. explains why I was the first to be kicked out. HAHAHA

After the tedious and tiring 2 hours, we headed home while zhanyang stayed over.
Time check: 2am
On a LRT with only 1 uncle(I don't actually remember if he was young or old or middle aged or what)
I was really tired and sleepy but happy. It was just amazingly enjoyable time spent.

And that's about it. Just a kinda retarded, epic, random reunion gathering kinda thing:)
They didn't want to take pic with me:( leiming is swinging the cushion around to their faces)

Leiming lying on zhanyang cause we were all trying to squeeze into 1 sofa. Yep._.

                                                       Leiming. The shell. That is way too tall.
Our host, Marcus. (we actually took a few pics but this is the only clear one:< )

Zhanyang is thinking about somebody..? oops:P

                                   This is one of the earliest pics taken during the dinner
                                        at Pastamania before we went to Marcus' house.

                                    And that's about it:) Happy New Year!:)))

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