Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Just a random day out:)
In Jcube toilet (typical toilet pics)
  We went for quite a bit of shopping, Beryl bought her bag, I bought food. And just a lot of aimlessly walking around and doing retarded things. 
                        And of course, girls take neoprints. I'm good at decorating pics with random stuff:D

                      There really isn't much to say about the day. Just a day which the 3 of us got to
                 spend a few hours together, walking around the mall and sort of chilling out I guess:>
                 hmm. Actually we played with perfumes in the mall and sprayed random perfumes on each
      other. It got so bad that I starting sneezing like mad after a while.. Yeah. Kinda a crazy but fun as well:))
                                                      And that's it! :D HEHE

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