Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Alrightie. This Christmas season I actually got a number of gifts for my close friends. This year spent close to $200 for 4 people._. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rich at all, I had to borrow money from my parents TT^TT Now I have like a debt of $100.... OUCH. But these gifts were all specially picked so they would be meaningful.
The books i bought--> around $60 spent on this 3 books...
    whats more sad is that...2 of the books are books i have yet to read and i really want to read:(
sweets that i bought

taking selfies while Siqi is trying on clothes
this is actually really funny cause i didnt add the motion thing, but when i uploaded it to google+, its like just a auto effect(..?) if that make sense..BUT seriously..its super funny xD
We ate at Ajisen. This is just my lunch(?) at around 4pm..yeah

 We shopped for quite a while i guess? I was just really tired.. I don't know why. But yeahh... was quite a fun but tiring day I guess..

Neoprints that we took at Lot1
We had ice-cream at Lot1 after taking neoprints and I went home (I didn't have energy to stay outside..) while idk what the 3 of them did at Lot1
 Moving on to the gift I received, this is actually a requested gift..(yeah, I requested for it..) It's really cute like seriously. It's just cocoa mix, but the packaging is SOOOO CUTE with that miniature idk what baking tool is it but yeah. It's just super adorable (^ ^)

Neoprint taken with beryl before the actual Christmas celebration, which is part of the gift she gave me :D

  Just selfies taken in Beryl and Siqi's phones (cause they have good phone cameras :P)

GRAPES. I spent 1hr++ to write this first post and had this fruit accompanying me.
 Hope you find it entertaining to read this xP

 Goodbye for now thenn:))


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