Friday, December 27, 2013


Had to do bio reexam cause I failed my EOY. Zzz
I was ultra ultra tired cause I woke up at 7.20 ._. 
Exam was at 11...  LOL 
drank coffee and this coffee only kept me energetic for like 2hours...

After my paper.. I was tired but I didn't want to go home so yeah.. tired me did retarded things(as can be seen from the pictures) honestly speaking, I have no idea what I was doing..

Beryl and I went shopping shopping in a neighborhood supermarket. (as I mentioned, I don't know what I was doing..)

  This thing is freaking niceeeeee. It smells super sweet and tempting but it doesn't taste too sweet or anything. And it's BLUEBERRYYYY. (okay maybe it's not super nice but yeah great snack:D)

Just random photo of me before and after i run on christmas eve. (cause I thought my hair was being ultra nice that day xD)

                                       Just spamming Beryl's phone with photos of me:3

                           Idk if the 2 photos are the same or not...(did I upload the pics twice or
                                      did I just take the same photo twice? O.o)

This is how I spam photos:) oops:P

                          wootswoots the motion thing happened againnnnn. but this time with my unglam:(

                                              Signing off with Beryl's cute little pic. Yay.
                                               27DEC2013 was a fine day(^ ^)

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