Friday, January 17, 2014


Honestly speaking everyday is really least for me. I get so tired just by trying to complete all my homework....Haish. Not to forget the tests and quizzes. So some updates about how I feel, still kinda shytty and kinda not coping.Well. First big event(probably kinda big and main thing that happen), I got scammed. LOL it didnt really happen recently but basically I just got scammed ($30 just gone like this. yep.) Not very cool but Idk why I just dont feel anything already. And yeah, I just forgive the intashop owner like that.. don't know why either. I'm so weird. And, my blackberry phone is been away from me for a week or so already. Haish. I'm like lazy to go get back my phone too... too tired. And pretty much that's it. My life is actually very boring and dry. Homework takes up more than 70% of my time.. Zzz

 Yep. My hobby is taking selfies on beryl's phone whenever I'm out with her.

                         KEKE. Candid.

 Even though it's the same box of fries..I just had to take 4 shots of it. Can't blame me. 
Anyways the green sauce is the wasabi sauce that the shop make. (kinda like their own sauce if I'm not wrong)

 Fries. Popcorn chicken. Seaweed chicken. Milktea. (ILOVECHICKEN)
 MORE CHICKEN. To think about it, these chickens sacrifice their life for me...I'm grateful.


 CANDIDDDD. (she actually know that I'm taking photo of her.)


 Cennic took this. Don't look too bad huh? But I really didnt know she was taking photo. LOLOLOL
 HEHE. At my dental place. Look carefully and you will realise that the donkey is wearing braces too. xD
 Chawin bought this for Siqi from thai. It's pretty. MEOW.
 Probably gonna get this wallet. (If I have the money)
 PIZZAAAAAA. So sweet of the teachers to treat us to pizza...Meow -TOUCHED-
 Cat photos Siqi sent. MEOWWWW. I want a pet cat:(((

 And super fluffy dogs:333333
This is really funny. HEHE. And that's the end. -WAVES- BYEBYEEEEE

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