Saturday, February 1, 2014


Alrightieee. starting with idk how long ago when my bro got me starbucksssssss
But it's cappuccino...and the real bitter one....D:
moving on to leiming's birthday. hehe. the card I made for him damn pretty(^ ^)
We had a birthday lunch with him (a day before his birthday) at pizza huts:)))

thennnn... on 19jan I think(...?) We went for some paint for heart CIP to help people repaint their house to prepare for the new year or something.

 This cat was at our meeting zone on that morning. 

 Getting paint everywhere. This is just my leg. There was like patches of paint on my shirt, hand and shorts. Bits of paint on my face too..... ._. 

 While packing my things, I found this super cute cards.


This fortune cookie was given to our class from Ms Lai. HEHE wise words :)

Pretty red packets. hehe. on the right is all the red packets Leiming brought to school just for some lame horse collage. First time I see Leiming so participative. Makes me really happyyyyyyy.
These were taken when choir went for performance at Singapore flyer. Epic photo taking time and snapchatting on the bus. 

After performance. 

 While waiting for our dinner

 After school's Chinese New Year performance(idk why I look so unhappy HAHAHAHA)

 除夕(the day before CNY) 30thjan

Glam me eating+using phone+watching tv. (I honestly didn't know my bro was taking all these pic.......)

The wasted shots before the actual ready-to-be-posted-onto-instagram pic 
 Instagram pic(^    ^)

 Mos burger from my bro. ( He feed me well:))

 This is like part of the birthday card I made for Fecilia. (you can't see but this cake has a lot a lot of texture and layers okayy? main point = I put in a lot of effort)

 This CNY, as we youngster are busy growing up, let's not forget our parents are also growing older. Learn to appreciate them even with their flaws and imperfections, learn to cherish them. Enjoy this festive occasion, at the same time take the opportunity to spend more time with them and make them happy. 
H A P P Y C H I N E S E N E W Y E A R:)

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