Friday, May 9, 2014

 It's been so longgggg. the exam period has been over for so long but yeah whatever. Selfie in the library when I got too tired studying LOLOLOLOL
We (Beryl and I) ate at pizza hut twice during my exam period ._. 
Lunch at the hongkong cafeeeee

Awkward me in the background._.

 Enlarged it so you can see clearly. The curry chicken is super nice. (A lot nicer than what beryl ordered at least:))))) )

 On April6^^


 Class grad photo(I really hope it will look good in the yearbook>.<)

(^ ^)

 Chocolate cake from KFC :999999
 Random photo. (honestly this photo has super good quality)

 Just mud. No, I'm jut kidding, it Oreo mcflurry(I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL)


 After dental appointment the other day. (check out my face reflected in the mirrorrrrr;)) )

Shopping on labour dayyyyy

#throwback to the happy me

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