Friday, May 2, 2014

Arguments are going on and off, on and off. I get tired and I really can't be bothered anymore. Like seriously. I keep trying but everybody seems to think that I'm not. Thinking that I'm a loser who's trying to get something in return without doing anything? Oh really. THANKS? I mean I may not be trying hard enough right now but can't you give me some time and some patience? Do you think I actually like disappointing every single person I know? Honestly, I won't be bothered if anyone else said that to me. I just can't believe it came from you. I just can't believe hours ago you were so nice and then now this. I really don't see hope in us. You want to know what I see in my future now? Me living happily. Alone. I don't see how if your attitude continue to be like that, we can ever communicate. Like seriously, EVER. I'm so sicked of being put down by people. I'm just sick of it. I never ever wanted to hurt you. Not even now when I'm so angry and upset with you. But I guess you can't do the same. Just because you are angry and annoyed, you go raging and thinking that you are the victim. Ever put yourself in my shoes and think from my perspective? Nope. I know you are angry. And I find it reasonable. But what about me? Do you actually think I want to call off meeting you? I just didn't want anything less for you. I just didn't want to show you a side of me that's not good enough. But you don't seem to understand, do you?

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