Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sunday(3rd August)
Just another spent at regent groove (still not sure of the spelling) 
survived with just 3hrs of sleep
Had loads of adrenaline cause of....

YEP. BUBZBEAUTYYY woots i'm like the happiest person at 7am that day:))))))))))

Then there was exam ongoing and blablabla.
Memorable thursday cause for every careless mistake made, you get one ponytail from ms thng. yep i got two. 


 the pain is REAL when you have to get that tiny rubber band out of your hair.....
 I guess it wasn't that bad a punishment. I had a real good time laughing.
puppy fused with bunny
 And then there's the amazing friday. (8august) national day celebrationnn

And excessive selfies 

cute cat

pretty pool


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