Saturday, July 26, 2014


When you try to take selfie and bae looks away._.


BESTIE truly grateful to have met this douchebag HAHA and damn thankful that we both found a way to open up to each other. Just really blessed with amazing people in my life.

 guardian angel(?) 

EMBARRASSINGGGGG. LOL bra strap should have behaved ._.

stayed with this idiot until like 10.30(?) 
and we meet the next day to study in the library+trespass reagent groove(no idea how to spell the condo name) +eat at xinwang +go back to the library to study till it close + get fruit tea from gongcha

i have the most serious face when i eat. HAHAH no who am i kidding. i just was thinking about stuff. (serious stuff) HAHAHAHAH

 SO FAST. OMG 4years flew by. cant believe we're graduating alr. sighh nostalgia.

 all the bright precious things fade so fast and they don't come back -The Great Gatsby

 4 (or 5) years ago, i first read this book, "if i stay". never expected it to become a movie. So i bought the book and reread it in a day (even though i had exams the next day) 
the totoro was from raveen. really made my day. its really cute (^ ^)

 sighhh. my nose started acting up in the middle of english exam so i got this many packets of tissue (excluding those i bought from random uncles on the street)
 Yep. literally living in coffee this exam period. not very healthy but i cant help it. 


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