Sunday, June 22, 2014

my holidayyyyy:P


 The super duper cute teacher(^ ^)
I'm sure she'll be an amazing mum teehee(it's a shame she left the sch though:/ )

 This was on 2ndjune. went for a run with Beryl in the morningg.

 Ate at foodcourt and we ate pizza. HAHAHAHA yep after all the running in the morning, i just decided on pizza #genius   :D

 this was on the 4th. cause i forgot to bring my key out so yep kind hearted Fecilia took me in

 AND YEP. since there was pasar malam, this is our lunch(ramly burger, fried oreo and corn puppies which are just fried hotdogs coated with some flour thing)

 These were taken before june but can't rmb when...yahh (when I'm bored I just do things liddat)

 TEEHEE ms ho came back from Australia just to see us cutiepies:P

Ms ho also came back to see our concert--Reverie
The concert that we spent months practicing for, and also as our last performance:') bittersweet.

 Even ms low came back to help out choir with makeup! (I miss herr!)

 really didn't know how picky ms wong was with the angle of photos until that day. HAHAHA she made shande take like 4times?? from the specific angle so that we wont look bad(LMAO) she's so cutee. (Her son is ultra cute too :D)
 Love this group of juniors.

 When I stand beside someone too good, I just become awkward. (confidence level goes downhill, self esteem drops to the core of the earth) hope it explains why my face went distorted. Nevertheless, grateful for this guy :)
 This kuku being too tall._.

Stayed up till 3am that day to watch Spain but Spain lost:'((((
Slept at 5 and woke up at 8. Zzz 
14th was a busy day going everywhere and rushing to concert.
 And here's some photos.

 All the pain in this new pair of heels and I am still short. -majorfacepalm-

 Reached home at 12 and was so tired I just showered and slept. Slept till 6 and I watch WC. MUAHAHAHA Italy rocks. (finally watch a match that the team i was supporting won woots) 

watched soccer on 16th until 1+ (i was too tired to stay awake throughout the match.)

17th,went out to study with raveen and huilong.

then 18th went to beryl's house. 
(raspberry m&ms from beryl) I stole it actually..yah. I stole kitkat and vitagen too..too very surprising yeahh?

20th, I was went to BBP and back home a couple of times cause of my bro and studied in the library there for hours. (interesting thing that happened: 2 guys came over to share the table. Of course I was cool about sharing the table. I mean who wouldn't rightt. I think they were there for like less than an hour. But when they were leaving this guy just gave me a slip of paper written with "JIAYOU STUDYING. and thanks for sharing the table." I mean like, how cute can this person be HAHAHAH I just find it really funny. Anyways that friday was really fun cause I met Liz(bro's gf) and had a real good time talking to her. yayyy. was a good good fridayy^^
saw this cat water bottle at bpp popular store...(I WANT IT!!)
 and yah. I borrowed this book..trying to relive my childhood a bit. (roald dahl book in chinese HAHAHAH)

21st, the saturday I went to a friends house and watched Rio and In time. Both movies are good(Y) and I got gongcha(caramel milktea) muahahaha


 and the friend made food. this wrap thing (it's nice okayyy) dammit. i'll never be able to cook. zzz and just so you know this friend is a guy._. yeah guys who can cook, i salute you.

AND on the 22nd. 
a fun filled day

 Just realise how amazing these sunglasses look. (shyt i really want themmm!!! AHHHHH)

 Trying out boy clothes(kids'section) #trytoohard #ilooklikeapenguin #actcool #stilltrying
 Hipster max

 The shorts in the pic on the right cost $49.90.... do you feel me? yeah..the pain of being poor....

 Oh yah. we went to the farm to help clear goats' poop. The sun was cray so we needed the hat. yeahh:)

Pretty sky. Idk when the photo was taken but yeah.

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