Monday, December 28, 2015

29November-(The day cutiepie came back to Singapore) 
Went to Ngeeann to study but it was a Sunday and the whole school was SO EMPTYYY HAHAHAH we even had to squeeze through some hole to get out of the school cause the gates were locked (the hole wasn't that small actually LOL but yah it was pretty fun) Ate bingsu and was too tired to do anything mehhhh

2December-Went back to school for training and to return some useless reading material (zzz I'm so screwed for my project btw) the sky was really beautiful~~ I mean the sky is always very nice but that day it was extra pretty :3 (rare times when I attended training hehs) (oh yah the day before was my first day of work and it was quite screwed up too LOL the full timer was kinda weird and all... but just gotta suck it man) 

3December-second day of work was pretty crappy too LOL had to deal with a lost child and I was just so dumbfounded I didnt know what to do and I basically walked with him around the bookstore (WHUT??!) It was a boring day anyways. 

4December-Went for training (kinda) I actually didn't do much. Just some strenghtening and warmup. Then a few of us broke the foodban together and ate KFC HAHAHAHAH watched hunger games with the kids from class and hung out talking crap (as usual) (it was quite funny though somewhat in love with them xP) 

5-13December: 9 days straight of work (I didn't even realised I worked for so many days consecutively...) I have not idea how I did it... But the kids at Popular are really nice so it wasn't too bad an experience I guess...? 

14December- wasn't supposed to leave house that day cause all I inteded to do was lay around and be a sloth. But I got dragged out anyway zzz 

15-18December: Church Camp
The camp started off pretty badly. (We were so happy we survived day1 cause it was really quite dreadful. I liked the sermons and stuff but some of the games were just not very much suited to me) The water game was fun though HAHAHAH basically I went trashing water bombs at people and it was kinda my thing so I enjoyed it quite a bit :D 

The first night was quite tough (I couldn't sleep cause the floor was too hard and the room was too cold zzz and I was craving food? maybe I was just damn hungry LOL) so we snuck out of camp and went to 7eleven for snacks HAHAHAHA (wtheck  right?? I was out of my mind) 

I don't even remember what else we did on the second day or the third day but remember the games on trust and amazing race kinda game and errr idk. 

The other thing I remembered was that third day lights out was at 3+ and we had a feasting session at like midnight. It was pretty cray but fun. 

and that marks the end of a pretty meaningful camp :) 

19December- woke up in a really good mood (that is VERY VERY RARE) ate beloved garlic sticks and read a little. Had lunch and went out. Met up with the kids at work, ate dinner together and just slacked around. 

Jco used to be life when I was studying like cray for O's and I spammed so much of their coffee LOL (kinda miss those days but then again kinda not HAHAHAHA)

20December-went to Vivo and Bugis with a friend and it was fun. Then I met my fam and my bro's gf's fam (LOL) and I went to Gardens by the Bay with them (up till today I still questioned my decision..... sigh why didn't I just go home.....) 
It really doesn't concern me if the place is damn pretty and is with upmost festive atmosphere or what not cause the weather was crazy hot and the crowd was disgusting. I am the kind of human that flocks to wherever that's not crowded. So it was really a pretty horrible experience for me. I mean no offense to those who were there but I really hate crowds :) 

sidenote: ever since work and camp, I ate like a barbarian and I'm not even kidding. The amount of snacks I finished....oh my goodness...I think I'm some kind of monster.... I don't even want to think about my weight right now -sigh- 

21December- Went to Bugis again and to find Beryl :) 

22December- Went to town with Beryl and yup that's about it bleh.

Went to some furniture store in Tanglin mall (I don't know why we are always visiting furniture store together.......) 

23December- tried to cook (mission accomplished! :D)

The soup was nice and 101% sweet without artificial flavouring HAHAHAHAH

24December-went to watch Ipman3 with the fam and the bro's gf (I love the all 3 movies LOL) 

25December- went for church service and loitered around (my face is starting to get pretty screwed up again sigh) 

The next two days were pretty much sloth days cause I didn't do much (the most useful thing I did was run but it's really nothing much so yeah) 

28December-finally met up with the most important girls:))))

Really like the following 4 photos cause the guy who took it for us had really nice arms ( sigh why am I so vain.........but he was a really nice human so bonusssss :P) 

HEHEHE cat shirt :3 (this is gonna be my new year shirttttt ~^v^~) 

This is like a family portrait of my gifts (I forgot to out the Sake in LOL) 

p.s I really love bacon but I love sweets too 

I'm actually really excited for the new year but then again it's Alevel year so I really don't know what to expect (hopefully things go well and may all my totoro items bring me lots of luck and happiness LOL nah I'm just talking crap but yeah I hope 2016 will be kind to me and that I'll be kind to myself) 
A'levels let's goooooo xP 

anyways it's really nice day today (it's been raining on and off up till now and it's slightly chilly for me so yay) guess I'll just go snuggle in bed cover myself with blankets and make some tea or something and maskkkkk and then read a book :))) (my plan sounds so good I'm getting eggcited :D) 


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